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The Fastest Woman on Earth

Hey guys! Here’s another piece that ties in with that scifi universe I’ve been working on. They call her Rabbit, and she’s the fastest woman in this world. A world class engineer, Rabbit developed an exo-suit that uses multi-core engine technology (there are like 6 engines in that suit, it’s freakin’ nuts) along with advanced electromagnetism tech to accelerate her faster than most vehicles are even capable of reaching. She works for the international police force on missions to ensure global peace, and is very very good at catching criminals.

Her brother, Wolf, took another path in life, and is renowned for being one of the best Assassin’s in the world. She refuses to participate in any of the missions involving taking him down.

Special thanks to Adam Paquette for helping critique this earlier in it's stages!

Benjamin ee rabbit illus final
Benjamin ee tumblr o9lw4oc7ao1qbf8fno3 1280
Benjamin ee tumblr o9lw4oc7ao1qbf8fno2 1280
Benjamin ee tumblr o9lw4oc7ao1qbf8fno1 1280