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The Witch Queens of Agmathaar

"No story could ever inspire such a strange mix of fear and adoration than the Witch Queens of Agmathaar. A powerful warlord duo, skilled in both blade and the Dark Arcane, they were feared among Kingdoms for their Empire’s aggressive expansion, and their vicious strength in battle.

Though their armies could be dealt with, the Witch Queens themselves earned their fame from their reputation of being un-killable.
It is rumoured that the strength of their love alone harboured an ancient magic that rendered them invulnerable from harm, though that is far from credible.

Contrary to popular belief at the time, they were not immortal. When famine struck and sickness came, the lovers died together, locked in each other’s embrace. They had no heirs, and so after their passing, their great Empire collapsed.
Their story, though quite grim and disturbing, is often told in tales of true love and it’s unquestionable power."

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