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Captain ROSINI GHOSH - Strike Team NEXUS

So, you're the bunch that will be operating under my command. A bit weedier than I would prefer, but I've made miracles happen before.
Under my command you'll be facing trials like you have never encountered. The fun stops here, initiates. No more playing around. You mess up, people die. And you'll need to live with the consequences.
The good thing is, there's a simple solution: Don't mess up.

In order for this to work, you'll need to follow my 3 simple rules:
1. Follow my commands when I give them - I will not accept insubordination.
2. Never endanger your fellow squadmates - We protect each other, or there is no protection at all.
and 3. Always pour the milk AFTER the cereal - I will not tolerate otherwise.

You are dismissed; See you on the field."
- Initiates speech, given by Captain ROSINI GHOSH

Benjamin ee sky captain rosini ghosh
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Benjamin ee sky captain
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